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We provide all services on a Subscription basis. No more bills based on billable hours like other CPA firms. We charge a single monthly fee that covers all of your needs. This pricing model allows us to serve you better.

Base Subscription - $250+

Every Package Starts with this. This includes the following:

  • Preparation & filing of personal return

  • Year-round tax planning

  • Unlimited questions

  • Response to tax notices

  • Tax audit representation

  • Quarterly tax projections & estimate payment calculation

S-Corporations, Partnerships &

C-Corporations (each) $50+

For each additional entity, $50 will be added to the monthly subscription price.

Could I be quoted a higher price? 

Yes, some situations take considerably more time to complete such as filing in multiple states, foreign activity & multiple rentals/activities in a single entity. 

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